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Puzzle of Hanoi

  Puzzle of Hanoi is an OpenGL screensaver showing the famous Towers of Hanoi in action.
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Puzzle of Hanoi is an OpenGL screensaver showing the Towers of Hanoi.
The Towers of Hanoi are a mathematical-logical problem thought up in 1883 by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas who also invented the following little story to describe the problem:

Somewhere in a temple there live some monks who got to move a tower of 64 differently sized disks from one bar to another, using a third bar as a temporary stack. At the beginning all disks are sorted by size, and in the end they must be sorted the same way. Now as the disks are very fragile the disks must be moved one by one and a bigger one may never be laid on a smaller one. When the monks have finished moving the disks the world ends.

This screensaver doesn't use 64 disks as even with 1000 moves per second it would last a couple hundred millions of years to move the whole tower. Instead of this you can choose any number of disks between 3 and 32 and configure the screensaver to automatically increase the tower's size when it has been moved completely. It is even possible to have the current state saved when the screensaver is terminated so the next time the screensaver resumes its "work". Screenshots »


  • - 3D graphics featuring a slowly moving camera and light source
  • - Freely adjustable number of disks (3-32)
  • - Tower grows automatically every time it is solved
  • - Saves the current state on exit